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Conversations in Depth: A QRCA Views Podcast

Dec 7, 2019

RCA book review editor Kay Corry Aubrey interviews Scott Berkun. Scott is the author of best selling Myths of Innovation, which explores the truths of creativity and innovation. Scott was a project manager at Microsoft from 1994 until 2003 and worked with the development teams on the original versions of the ubiquitous Internet Explorer (v1-5), Windows, and MSN. An author, consultant and software industry veteran, Scott Berkun writes books, consults with managers, and teaches creative thinking at the University of Washington. He is also the author of another best-selling business book The Art of Project Management (O'Reilly 2005). Over the years Scott has shared his wisdom on topics ranging from "How to manage smart people" to "Good,evil, and technology" and dozens of other thought -provoking essays on his blog.