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Conversations in Depth: A QRCA Views Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

In the latest episode, QRCA Views Podcast Editor Mike interviews John Seigel Boettner from Teen Press, an organization started at Santa Barbara Middle School that helps middle school aged kids learn the ins and outs of conducting interviews.

The story of Teen Press is quite unique. John is a film buff and often uses film as a teaching aid. Years ago, when the Santa Barbara International Film Festival was coming to town, John wanted to give his students a chance to talk to some influential filmmakers so he them apply for press credentials and taught them some interviewing skills; but one important lesson he impressed upon his fledgling journalists was to go beyond the questions that Hollywood types get asked all the time; Who are you wearing? What’s your relationship status? What’s it like working with so and so? Instead, he wanted his kids to uncover what these people are like as human beings. And that’s why, at one red carpet event, they handed Amy Adams a burrito!

John, and some of his former students, presented at the QRCA Annual Conference in January of 2017 where they inspired attendees with their unique approach to interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. Our QRCA Views Podcast Editor Mike Carlon caught up with John after the conference and recorded this interview. We hope you enjoy it.