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Conversations in Depth: A QRCA Views Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

Listen in as QRCA Views Podcast Editor Mike Carlon interviews Randy Scher of iPowering Motivation about the use of hypnosis in qualitative research.  In this interview, Randy dispels some common myths around hypnosis and discusses its practical applications in qualitative research. For example, as people can remember things vividly while “in state,” Randy discusses how memories of early brand experiences can be shared and how stories of those experiences can help brands better understand the relationships they have with consumers.  Hypnosis also helps to uncover brand associations below the level of conscious thought, where modern neuroscience suggest most brand decisions come from.

Randy is a former Consumer and Market Insight Director at Unilever and championed the practice of using hypnosis in qualitative research to better understand Unilever brand experiences.  He now runs iPowering Motivation, a consultancy designed to drive attitude & behavior change to solidify Brand Growth & Loyalty through unique and powerful targeted Consumer programs.  An accomplished musician, Randy now resides in the West Palm Beach area of South Florida and can learn more about Randy and iPowering Motivation by visiting