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Conversations in Depth: A QRCA Views Podcast

Jan 23, 2020

Considered one of the most talented brand strategists in the UK, Richard Shotton is the author of The Choice Factory: 25 behavioral biases that influence what we buy. His book won the 2018 World Cup of Advertising Books, outperforming Ogilvy on Advertising as one of the most significant books on advertising of all time.

In this Conversation in Depth with QRCA’s Kay Aubrey, Rich points out that discussions about behavioral science and marketing usually include descriptions of many biases, but not enough talk about how to apply them.

Be sure to listen for his references to ideas such as the “Pratfall Effect,” emotional context, and (my favorite) a phenomenon known as “nine-enders.” Rich also includes some specific brands that have been able to effect behavioral change.